Dec 222010

After months of thinking, I’m finally back to writing my story. It has taken a HUGE turn and is now finally set in motion. I took another approach to the story and I have the K&K Epic all mapped out. I’m almost finished with the outline and all major plot points for I, II, & III.


Kings and Kingdoms – Episode I of III
By: Justin R. Durban

A grain of sand on an island Kingdom

On a distant off-world Island, a cruel and greed stricken King betrays and murders the son of a powerful barbaric alien race throwing off the symbiotic balance within the Island’s five Kingdoms.  A kind young boy, only knowing war and hate, grows up protecting his land eventually questioning the actions of his over-zealous King in fears that his world will vanish from this brutal and rapidly evolving race seeking an unstoppable and obsessed vengeance against all mankind.


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