Kings and Kingdoms – Episode I of III
By: Justin R. Durban

“A grain of sand on an island Kingdom.”

On a distant off-world Island, a cruel leader betrays and murders the son of a powerful barbaric alien race throwing off the symbiotic balance within the Island’s Kingdoms.  A young boy, only knowing war and hate, grows up protecting his land eventually questioning the actions of his over-zealous King in fears that his world will vanish from this brutal and rapidly evolving race seeking an unstoppable and obsessed vengeance against all mankind.

The Story…
A baby is taken from one land and raised in another. He grows up knowing the simple life and longs to take the road less traveled. When given the opportunity to join the fight against a ruthless and barbaric race, destiny has another path which allows him to discover love and friendship that leads a difficult road to personal self discovery. With this discovery comes a price as he is tempted with many trials and difficult situations eventually breaking him apart when faced with King of his enemy.


How it Started:
Kings and Kingdoms started when I decided to create a Fantasy styled musical piece (

      1. K&K Suite.mp3
) back in 2005. I wanted to try and hit every emotion and range that I could in the genre. After I created the piece, I designed a One Sheet poster page to promote the track. This artwork (link) lead to a series of drawings and sketches which developed into a story. From there, 100’s of drawings, illustrations and a full album were created surrounding the project.  The first of the series is entitled “Eless“.

      2. Kings and Kingdoms Suite - MP3

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