Jan 072011

I uploaded a TON of concept artwork, sketches, characters, and other galleries. Slowly but surely this site will be populated with content.  (most of the artwork is from the old website and many of these drawings were created around 2005-2008).

The project took a long break over the past few years, but a day never goes by where I’m not thinking about the film. A few re-writes in the script and now a fresh approach with an outline and I’m rolling right along. All I have to do now is figure out how the third film will reach the end. Hopefully these images will inspire you to watch this space on the world wide interweb.

I’m hoping to have more pictures and illustrations uploaded soon. Perhaps a few mp3 downloads as well.

Dec 222010

After months of thinking, I’m finally back to writing my story. It has taken a HUGE turn and is now finally set in motion. I took another approach to the story and I have the K&K Epic all mapped out. I’m almost finished with the outline and all major plot points for I, II, & III.


Kings and Kingdoms – Episode I of III
By: Justin R. Durban

A grain of sand on an island Kingdom

On a distant off-world Island, a cruel and greed stricken King betrays and murders the son of a powerful barbaric alien race throwing off the symbiotic balance within the Island’s five Kingdoms.  A kind young boy, only knowing war and hate, grows up protecting his land eventually questioning the actions of his over-zealous King in fears that his world will vanish from this brutal and rapidly evolving race seeking an unstoppable and obsessed vengeance against all mankind.


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