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Kings and Kingdoms Movie Poster“A grain of sand on an island Kingdom”

Kings and Kingdoms is a massive Film Scoring and Film Production Project by Justin R. Durban that has grown and grown since 2005..

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Kings and Kingdoms – Episode I of III
By: Justin R. Durban

“A grain of sand on an island Kingdom”

On a distant off-world Island, a cruel leader betrays and murders the son of a powerful barbaric alien race throwing off the symbiotic balance within the Island’s Kingdoms.  A young boy, only knowing war and hate, grows up protecting his land eventually questioning the actions of his over-zealous King in fears that his world will vanish from this brutal and rapidly evolving race seeking an unstoppable and obsessed vengeance against all mankind.

artwork from 2005-2008:

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  12 Responses to “Home”

  1. Hello World! Go ahead people… Feel free to leave a comment. Encouragement will only push me harder to getting this film made.

  2. Loving the new site Justin, glad to see you’re still passionate & dedicated about this. Though, i do really miss that animated sea banner! Looking forward to the many updates lying a head, is there a possibility of a community forum in the future?

    Take Care!
    Kieran S.

    • Thank you Kieran! Yep, I’m planning on having all that good stuff in the future. As of now, it’s just a matter of adding new content on a more regular basis.

  3. I am still patiently waiting for this movie! I’ve been checking in once a quarter. I cannot WAIT for this movie to come out! This is the kind of stuff that will be a huge success on the web, and hopefully make it on Blu-ray for me to show off what great music and dreams coming true looks like! If there is anything I can do please let me know!

  4. Waiting impatiently!!!

  5. I’m really looking forward to this! Mostly the soundtrack, which I’ve been listening to 24/7!

  6. Anything happened yet?

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  8. Should we stop poking a dead horse? PROGRESS, please.

  9. I discovered your music back in 2007. When I was in highschool and absolutely fell in love with you still remain to this day my favorite modern composer and I don’t care how long it takes I thing it will be a great movie

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